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    Come visit us in Sandwich Town (at the old canada post building) or on Wyandotte near Partington at our express location.
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    Our bubble teas are made with only top-quality ingredients , including fresh fruits and loose leaf teas brewed daily in-house.
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    Our menu offers a variety of authentic flavors from around the world to excite
    your palette and take you on a journey unmatched by any other café in the city.
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    We take pride in embracing the historic value of our unique location while blending with
    modern aesthetic and international tradition, right in your neighborhood.

Phone Number

MAIN          226-787-3201

EXPRESS    226-526-9896


3201 Sandwich St,

Windsor, ON N9C 1A9


1989 Wyandotte St W,

Windsor, ON N9B 1J6

Meet Our Unique Variety Of Flavors

We love to hear from you, as we evolve our products seasonally! Post Café is always working hard to bring you new favorites while always maintaining top quality and taste.


Our iced tea are made with top quality loose leaf brewed teas mixed with flavored syrups. They contain no milk or dairy additives and offer a refreshing alternative to processed iced teas.


Our green, black and oolong teas are freshly brewed daily in house and mixed with milk and flavored powders or syrups to bring you a bold and dynamic flavor profile like no other.


Our crema topping is added to iced green, black, or oolong teas, and always made fresh to order.


Our fruit smoothies are always made with real fruit ingredients, and many of them can be offered without dairy upon request.


A simple and refreshing carbonated treat of blended with your favorite flavors and served over ice.


Freshly brewed locally sourced coffee and espresso is the basis for all our coffee drinks, including lattes, cappuccino, iced coffee, mochas, Americanos and more!


We offer an amazingly decadent selection of desserts to compliment your beverage of choice, with European cakes, Taiwanese treats and flavors and inspirations from everywhere in between.



High quality

We use only high quality loose leaf assam black tea, jasmine green tea and roasted oolong tea, as well as imperial-grade matcha as a base for our bubble teas, and locally sourced espresso and freshly ground coffee. You can taste the difference that sets us authentically apart from other bubble tea shops in the city!


Our smoothies contain fresh fruit and offer nutritional balance matched with exceptionally great taste, and our drinks our always made fresh to order - just the way you like it!

Customer appreciation

We love our customers! We offer loyalty incentives with VIP card membership with tiered benefits!


We take pride in offering top quality beverages and desserts, made just for you, and we are happy to cater to your dietary needs.  We offer free WIFI on site, and a warm, welcoming space. Experience tradition masterfully harmonized with the contemporary at this hidden gem within sandwich town!


Post Cafe


By admin on 2017-06-25 23:12:26

What is bubble tea?

Bubble tea (also known as pearl milk tea, boba milk tea, boba juice or simply boba) (chinese: 波霸奶茶; pinyin: bōbà nǎichá, with tapioca balls it is 珍珠奶茶; zhēnzhū nǎichá) is a taiwanese tea-based drink invented in taichung in the 1980s.

Milk teas and iced teas are typically served cold, however we will gladly serve our blends to you at any temperature you like. At post café, we use three kinds of top quality loose leaf teas for our creations: assam black tea, jasmine green tea and roasted oolong (a richer, robust tea, higher in caffeine than black tea).

While we use powdered milk products in our milk teas, we will gladly substitute for almond or soy milk to meet your needs. Likewise the sugar levels in our teas can be adjusted and reduced to 70%, 50% and 30% or zero added sugar of the original recipe. Tapioca balls (“boba” or “bubbles”) are an iconic topping to bubble tea, but like our other toppings, we don’t include them by default unless they are requested.

The bubbles are essentially brown sugar flavored tapioca starch, shaped in to small balls that when boiled, offer a gummy consistency which compliments any tea on our menu. The jellies, which come in a variety of flavors, are not made from gelatin, but rather with agar, so they are vegan-friendly. If you have any questions about our menu, or have dietary restrictions, feel free to talk to us!

What sets us apart from other Windsor bubble tea shops?

Unlike other bubble tea houses in Windsor, Post Café dares to raise the bar in what to expect from quality and atmosphere. We offer an unforgettable experience that will immerse you in to the beauty, flavors and aromas of traditional bubble tea culture, which harmonizes the antique and historic nature of our unique location with a modern and contemporary feel.

At post café, we appreciate the art behind making the perfect teas and coffees personalized just for you, and believe in putting our heart into every drink and dessert we serve. We love our customers, and strive to bring you the best experience possible. Come visit us and enjoy our music, free wifi and board games while sipping the best bubble teas, coffees and smoothies the city has to offer!